My Favourite 5 Google Ads Scripts

If you are a PPC professional, you know that optimization is the heart of your work. However, gathering historical data and monitoring performance or specific metrics through different campaigns, ad groups or even accounts could be very much time-consuming and frustrating. In situations like these, there are many options that you can benefit, and today I will talk about one of them: Google Ad Scripts.

Scripts are simply codes that you can paste on Google Ads and help you apply changes in bulk or create custom reports for your account. When you search for Google Ads scripts on Google, you may be surprised with hundreds of free different options that you can utilize on your account immediately. 

Good to mention: anyone can create a Google Ads script; you don’t need to have a strong programming background. You just need to be careful while you are adding these codes and tweaking some details. 

How to set up script

Getting started with Google Ads scripts is easy. After you log in your account, click Tools & Settings, then choose Scripts under Bulk Actions.

When you get to the Scripts section, click the blue “plus” button on the left and allow authorization. And, here your brand new coding dashboard:

After you are done with your new script code, click Save button and that’s it.

If you never created a script before, I think this might be the time. Therefore, I decided to share my favourite 5 scripts and their sources, and you can test them on your scrip dashboard. Let’s check them out one by one:

Quality Score Daily Tracker:

As I mentioned in the previous post, quality score is an important metric to keep an account healthy and up-to-date. Therefore, keeping an eye on it regularly is a secure way before things get into a mess. This script lets you track quality scores across campaign/ad groups daily without spending extra time on it.

This script code allows you to track quality scores on account, campaign, and adGroup level for the top 50000 keywords in your account. It will store the results in a google spreadsheet. Copy and paste this code on your script dashboard on Google Ads account, and customize google spreadsheet url. 

Anomaly Detector Script

Account Anomaly Detector alerts the advertiser whenever a Google Ads account is suddenly behaving differently from what’s historically observed. When an issue is encountered, the script will send the user an alerting email. Only a single email for an alert is sent per day. Good news is this script has different versions to apply for a single account or MCC(multiple) account structures.

Declining Ad Groups Report 

Declining Ad Groups Report separates and shows ad groups whose performance is worsening in the last 3 weeks.The metric script considers is CTR(clickthrough rate) of an ad group. To setup a spreadsheet-based script with the source code on this link, revise update SpreadsheetUrl and schedule script weekly.

Auction Insight Script

There is no doubt how useful the Auction Reports are. However, changes through time in the competition market is not an easy to see automatically on the report itself. This Auction Insight script provides clear visual charts pointing out changes over time. This one can be little bit trickier than others, but when you are done with it you will see how comfortable to have an option like this. Steps are :

Make a copy of the new template sheet created by BrainLabs on this page.

Copy the Auction Insights report with headers (downloaded from Google Ads and segmented by day, week or month. ) to the spreadsheet in the Auction Insights tab. 

If you want to analyse data based on sepearete device, download Auction Insights report again — but this time segmented by time period and device. the Copy and paste that into the Auction Insights By Device sheet.

If you want CTR, CPC, impressions or searches, then download a performance report for the same set of campaigns for the same date range, segmented by the same time period. Lastly, check and adjust your settings as it is written on the webpage, you can run the script.

24/7 Heat Map

This script written by the BrainLabs team takes the metrics of your choice and gathers them for each hour of each day of the week. It is a great tool to observe patterns of your campaigns when their average CPC, CPA, traffic or conversions change significantly during day and week. After you paste the code, you just need to revise date range, spreadsheetUrl, metrics and campaigns you want to use. 

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