Are Smart Campaigns Sufficiently Smart?

Smart ads are able to show across Google Search, Google search partners, Google Maps, and the Google Display Network. Smart campaign creation is very quick, it takes 15 minutes at most. Click on plus icon on Google Ads panel, and select “smart” as campaign type and your campaign goal.

Following steps are:

  1. Select your brand by sharing its name and domain.
  2. Set up your locations where you want to show your ads.
  3. Define your product or service. Smart campaigns define your search phrases later based on this information.
  4. Write your ad text: headline and description(you can change it later).
  5. Lastly create your daily budget for the campaign.

And ta taam! Your smart campaign is ready to go! As you may realize, we didn’t specify any keywords and set bids manually, because smart campaigns generate keywords and bids your smart ad automatically based on your business’s products and services.

How to Optimize Smart Campaigns

Smart campaigns have different dashboards on Google Ads than regular Search campaigns. You can tweak your campaign assets and business contacts(location, phone number) on this dashboard. Despite you let Google run and manage your ads, you have your own space to coordinate your campaign as well. The assets you are responsible are; ad texts, search phrases, budget, landing page, location targeting, ad scheduling.

Search phrases are simply keywords, added by Google A.I., trigger your ads. Google adds a list of search keywords based on the product or service that you choose. Whenever that keyword is searched in your targeted area on Google or Google Maps, ads in your Smart campaign can be triggered and  appear on the results. Additionally,  if you want to exclude one of the search phrases Google algorithm added, you need to disable search phrases by clicking manage all on the Search Phrases section on the dashboard. Unfortunately,  the ability to edit keyword matching options isn’t available in smart campaigns. 

Regarding location targeting, you are able to choose to target either a radius around your business or target cities, states, or countries. Google Ads automatically uses your business address from Google My Business as your business address for your Smart campaign. Make sure you verify your business address so your Smart campaign can run properly. If Google Ads can’t verify your location, your campaigns might not run.

Ad scheduling is also an enable option for Google smart campaigns. You can select days and hours when you want your ad to appear. If your ads goal is driving phone calls, after working hours ( or anytime you are not able to answer) pausing your ads is essential. Thus, you don’t have to spend your budget for unconvertible time.

If you want to optimize your smart ad texts and landing pages, since only one landing page is allowed on a smart campaign, make sure your campaign targets match your landing page by creating a special landing page specifically for the product or services in your campaign. As you are able to create only an ad for each campaign, measuring different ads performances is not possible for smart campaigns. But you can edit your ad anytime unless you feel it performs well.

Lastly, you can create multiple smart campaigns in your Google ads account. By choosing different product and service types for each campaign, you advertise different aspects of your business. You can allocate your budget separately for each. 


For sure, smart campaigns reduce time on ad structuring and optimization . However, it has its downs coming with. First of all, you are lack of significant amount of data. Normally, you could optimize your regular search, display ads sufficiently by using rich source based on your campaign history. Managing your smart ads may make you feel limited, because your play field is very narrow since you charge Google algorithm manages your most of campaign structure. Smart campaigns  would be a good idea if you have a smaller business, no time or knowledge for managing ads or no budget for marketing staff or consulting. I recommend you to start with a small budget and up to 5 simple search phrases, and keep optimization / adding one by one as you get familiar with your target and audiences by the time.

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