Inspector Gadget for Your Facebook Audience

Examining the audience on your online channels where your brand appears one of the key sources to successful campaign management. Let’s accept it, no one wants to waste their money, as a result, observing where you are spending your money is highly crucial knowledge. Today I want to talk about how to inspect your audience on Facebook.

By clicking here, you can start to navigate in the panel together with me:

First Impression:

When you visit the page, there will be two options to pick:a general audience or people connected with your Facebook page. Thus, you will choose your starter audience.

On the left hand side of the screen, you are able to define and choose your target audience. The chosen country on default is the United States, so you may need to change it as well. Other than the country, you can filter age, gender, interests and some advanced options such as language, education, relationship status, work, multicultural affinity, parents, politics (in the US only) and life events. Additionally, the upper menu with 4 sections allows you to see and analyse your chosen audience on different levels. Demographics gives you basic info about shares of different types of demographics. Page likes shows what Facebook pages are connecting with your filtered audience, locations present specific locations in your targeted area and lastly, activity points frequency of your targets’ activities (pages liked, comments, posts liked, posts shared etc.). So let’s move together afterwards and pick “California” state under location and bicycle as interest. Facebook Audience Insights tells estimated 3 to 3.5 million people matches with my filter and  is eligible to see my ads  on facebook:

  • 46% of the filtered audience is women.
  • 54% of the filtered audience is married.
  • 63% of the filtered audience has a college degree.
  • Regarding job titles almost 60% of the filtered audience work in administrative services, sales and management. 

Relevance & Affinity:

Pages likes shows categories and other Facebook pages that your selected target also likes. These people who are interested in bicycle categories, also wonder about news and pages about health & wellness, government organizations, casinos and so on. 

Facebook defines “affinity” as: “How likely your audience is to like a given page compared to everyone on Facebook.”. The audience I chose has an affinity score of 192x with the Our Health California Facebook page. This means the audience is 192 times as likely to like that Facebook page compared to everyone on Facebook. So, you may want to target these pages for your posts or ads and measure their value for your brand in the future. 

Under the location tab, you’ll see details for Top Cites, Top Countries, and Top Languages spoken for your target audience. If you have a physical store, that would be very insightful for you. 

Lastly, activity tab informs you about your target audience behaviours and device preferences on Facebook. The target people we chose for this case uses mobile devices as primary device and iphone users are 10% higher than Android users, Although, this difference is not enough to make unambiguous criticism. 

Once you decide you target audience, you can save and create a special ad for them by clicking the green Create Ad button in the top right. After you get to Ads manager, all ad creation steps are the same as you did before. As you narrow your reach audience, your overall numbers of conversions and traffic would drop. However, CR and ROI would climb by the time. Even though your audience is smaller in number but more awarding in quality. In overall, don’t worry. Finding your suitable target requires many attempts, A/B tests and time. The less options, the closer to your target.


My initial plan was writing about Facebook Audience Insights and highlighting details and your opportunities with the tool,  before talking about setting competitive analysis on social media channels. Competitive analysis is more manual than regular procedure of reaching out information on GA or any other 3rd party analytics tool. As a result, Facebook Audience Insights is just a part of this competitive analysis,  and I wanted to make sure you don’t have any questions on your mind before we dive in it. I will share an analysis post in the coming weeks.

Till then, stay safe and keep social distance! 


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