App Ads Part 3 – Facebook

App ads appear in news feed on mobile web browsers or Facebook app and ,as Facebook has announced recently, on Facebook Messenger. After setting up SDK, linking app with Facebook Ad Manager, there are important steps to consider carefully through app ad creation in Facebook. *

*If you don’t register your app or integrate the SDK, your ads still will be published but you won’t be able to optimize your ads for installs or run mobile app engagement ads.

Setting up Events:

App events are the actions people take while using your app and they can be used for ad targeting, optimization and measurement solutions. Once app events are set, you will be able to optimize your ads using certain standard app events. Normally, optimization for app installs are easier through Facebook, and app events allows analyse campaign success based on specific in app event such as level achievement in gaming, specific product purchases in retail etc.

Choosing Right Objective:

There are 3 different objectives for Facebook app ads: app installs, traffic and conversions. If you are advertising a new app or the existing app to a new audience that you never target before, install objective helps you to keep CPI in a desired range.

On the other hand, conversion and traffic objectives are recommended in re-engagement campaigns. For people who already installed app, as they are more likely to visit app, therefore traffic objectives helps you to keep existing user active in your app. Additionally, conversion objective encourage them to take a specific action / conversion in your app.

Making Use of Audiences:

Facebook audiences are big opportunities to carry your campaign to fulfil its goals. allow advertisers to target more people who are similar to their established customers.

Custom audiences can created based on specific app events, user behavior, or engagement types. Especially, these audiences are quite useful for re-engagement or retargetting campaigns.

Lookalike audiences are a great way to reach similar people who already played this app. These audiences are created by benefiting Facebook algorithm to find similar people with existing users. It’s best practice to exclude the seed audience from the ad set that’s using that lookalike to avoid overlap.

Customer lists are kind of custom audiences. By uploading customer lists includes specific people, you can target these people on Facebook, as well. Customer lists are very useful for cross-promoting.

Outstanding Creatives:

Creative optimization for all acquisition channels is a continuous process of incorporating the top performing creatives in campaigns by testing and iterating creatives & ad formats for achieving the UA objectives. Every creative ad has its own life circle, so by replacing an active, deteriorating creative with a new creative prevents its performance degrades dramatically. The popular game app ad formats are : video ads, playable ads, banner ads and vertical/interstitial ads. Main elements in a Facebook app ad are an eye-catching and informative illustration/video, a strong message and story, a logo (or clear brand identification) and CTA (call-to-action) button.

Creatives using on ad should be clear and matching with the story of game. They must be appealing and understandable, but not tiresome or ambiguous both in visual and timing. For instance, most video effective ads are able to engage users in the first three to four seconds by showing. So keeping video between 15-30 sec. is good. Additionally, a lot of video ads are viewed with sound off, which means that ads should make sense even if the sound isn’t playing.

It’s also important to know and understand the target audience when creating the content and design of the app ad. Ads could be crafted with a special story, message, creatives and ad type for custom audiences or lookalike audiences in Facebook.

Top performing creatives may hit saturation over a period of time due to creative fatigue. A/B testing, splitting ads and iterating continuously is inevitable when it comes to figuring out how good ads perform.

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