Scaling Facebook Ads

To scale effectively any advertising platform, understanding the algorithm and how it reacts to the any changes that you make on it is crucial. This post highlights important steps to reach scalable account and how to optimize it for better.

1_Be clear about your goals

First thing first: determine your KPI. A lack of clear objectives causes a deficient decision. Even tests need to be planned in order to boost the main KPI. Before moving on next steps and spending your budget without control, understand your target and what you want to achieve through Facebook campaigns. 

2_Invest on what brings you back

This method is the most well-known tactic to increase profitability and conversions. Increasing budget on campaigns with ROI higher than 1.

The biggest challenge of this method is the increasing budget amount. This is because Facebook’s algorithm might lose all the data collected previously to optimize campaigns, ad sets and ads. To avoid losing all of the history, a common best practice is to increase budget by 15-20% every 3-4 days. Thus, it won’t delete your campaign history in Facebook.

Another challenge to consider, increasing advertising costs together with increasing the budget. As ad spend goes up, so does the cost of advertising in the audience.

Budget investing isn’t possible only for campaign or ad sets, but also audiences, demographics. Thanks to the breakdown option in Facebook, you can see specific types of people, platforms, locations etc. are more likely to convert. Once you identified a specific segment, to optimize a campaign, copy the campaign, adjust new campaign for only the most profitable audience, and spare half of the original budget on this segment alone.

3_Try horizontal scaling

Horizontal scaling is on ad set and ad levels. The main objective of it is to continuously optimize audiences, expand them and test new ad creatives. 

Changing out ad creatives and using new images or videos is one of the most common strategies for horizontal scaling. Also different ad formats and placements would also help your ad set to reach the best performing level. Regardless how many times you test ad formats, always keep at least 2 different ads under one set although keeping 3 ads under each set is more appropriate.  Another way is trying ads that are highly profitable in other ad sets as well. Once you find a really good performing ad, don’t let it go quick. 

Addition to all ad optimization, do not forget your audiences. Track audiences based on different types of events by creating new pixels. Test new behaviours or interests. 

4_Trust in CBO

CBO, in other words, campaign budget optimization distributes campaign budget across multiple ad sets to help you to reach your target. CBO allocates the ad spend automatically and more efficiently.

That’s right, CBO takes the manual burden of budget work from your shoulders. However, there are some tips to be taken care of before putting CBO on for the campaign. 

Because CBO considers attributed conversions while distributing budget across ad sets, gathering different funnel steps under the same campaign wouldn’t provide an objective algorithm to CBO. Keep lookalike lists and retargeting audiences in different campaigns if you use CBO. 

Second important point is keeping different audience sizes in different campaigns. CBO is likely to neglect ad sets with smaller audiences if the difference with larger audiences is significant, i.e. 50k vs. 1000k.

Tip: Watch out ad frequency

While evaluating every detail, remember ad fatigue. Normally, it is recommended that changing ads at least once a month for ad sets that get a good amount of traffic. Also if you see the ad frequency go up to 3-4, it’s time to change ad copy and creatives. 

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